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Showstopper Spotlight: The Custom 1970 Camaro

1970_chevy_camaro_rsIt’s not every day that we encounter something grand and impressive enough to be considered a showstopper but the attendees of the annual SEMA Las Vegas show were in for a treat when Chevrolet unveiled its Custom 1970 Camaro RS. Not only did it steal the spotlight but it definitely stole everybody’s hearts.

As Jim Campbell, Chevrolet USA’s Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, notes in an official press release statement, the hyper blue metallic 1970 Camaro fulfills the brand’s aim to “endlessly fuel the dreams of enthusiasts with endless possibilities be it in a classic resto-mod concept Camaro, a vintage truck or street rod”.

The two-door coupe muscle car was fitted with the LT4 crate engine, the most powerful from General Motors to date with its staggering 650 horsepower, 650 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 155 mph. With so much power, manufacturers had to install Z06-based brakes at both ends of the coupe behind the aluminum wheels for maximum safety and optimal stopping control.

The Custom 1970 Camaro comes with a four-link setup, a wet-sump kit, a T-56 Super Magnum six-speed manual gearbox, aluminum cylinder heads, aluminum pistons, titanium intake valves, independent and overhauled front suspension, coil-overs at both the front and the rear, complementing air conditioning, front-end accessory drive kits

The 1970 Camaro was given a hyper blue metallic finish, a color that it only shares with the Gen 6 Camaros featured together at the SEMA show. To further amp its visual and give it a modern flare, white cross body stripes were added alongside LED headlights and taillights, and 19 inch polished aluminum wheels.

Once inside the vehicle, one can immediately notice the black stock cabin that features custom-trimmed leather seats reminiscent of a third-generation Camaro. There too can be found a six-point roll cage, as well as a custom instrument panel wrapped in the same custom-trimmed leather that comes with new gauges to work perfectly with the updated electronic systems.

The annual SEMA shows may have churned out unique machines year after year but in this case, the Custom 1970 Camaro RS managed to steal the spotlight from everyone else and without any difficulty. In fact, it was unveiled in 2015 and yet people still clamor over it. That in itself says a lot. Add to it the accolade of being the perfect marriage between old and new, classic and modern. It’s definitely hard to forget. More at http://classiccarlabs.com/2015/11/08/custom-1970-chevy-camaro-rs/.