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Remember These When Buying a 1967 Mercury Cougar

Known as one of the best muscle cars the world has ever laid eyes on, the 1967 Mercury Cougar is high on everyone’s “must have” list especially if you’re the avid collector and automobile aficionado.

Initially released in the September of 1996, it was tagged as a spin-off of the ever popular Mustang but was built with a 3 inch longer wheelbase. Its 2-door hardtop coupe body with its distinct split grille vertical bars that concealed the headlamps and taillights known as the “electric shaver” made it a certified head turner.

Power-wise, the 1967 Mercury Cougar came with a manual 3-speed gearbox. Manufacturers made it available in two models as the “base” with a 200 horsepower 289 cubic inch two-barrel V8 engine and the “XR-7” with a 335 horsepower 390 cubic inch four-barrel V8 engine. They even gave it deep-foam bucket seats for good measure. All these earned the vehicle the acknowledgement as the 1967 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Back in 1996, the Cougar sold for around $2,000. At present, the vehicle can fetch a price between $9,300 to $23,600 or more depending on its condition, mileage and other upgrades if any. If you’re planning to get one for yourself, we’ve got a few words of advice.

1967_mercury_cougarBeware of misleading ads. You know sales talk and merchants do it unconsciously or not. It’s not at all bad but what you should be guarded about are misleading and fraudulent ones. Information and details should be direct and straightforward. There should be detailed information about ownership and usage history, total mileage run and the likes. Be inquisitive too. Don’t be afraid to spat questions.

Don’t tolerate rust. The same is true for other damages and signs of wear and tear. A spot may be treatable but not an entire roof or floor. Many people think that flipping a vintage car is easy but it’s very costly up to a point where it becomes more expansive than had you bought one in good condition in the first place.

Know the pricing. When canvassing for available 1967 Mercury Cougar models in the market, make sure that you have an idea as to how pricing can differ. Comparing digits is a must especially if you want to make the most out of your cash and to also maximize the spending power of your dollar or pound. Research goes a long way.

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