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Tire and Wheel Care Tips

tire careA lot of people put so much emphasis on engines when it comes to car care and maintenance. Not surprising as it pumps out power after all. But that doesn’t mean that we can just overlook the other parts of a vehicle. They may serve varying purposes and work differently but they’re all important nonetheless. Perhaps two of the most overlooked would have to be the tires and wheels, so today here are some tips.

Now, let’s first establish that overlooking tire and wheel care is not only silly but also dangerous. These two suffer from intense wear and tear as they are directly in contact with the road. They need regular maintenance and upkeep, even way more than your engine does. Got it? Now on to the tips.

  • Know how to store your wheels. Before putting them away, make sure to clean, wash and dry them first to avoid rust and deteriorating their finish.
  • Ensure that your tires have the right pressure. A poorly or inadequately inflated tire poses safety threats and consumes more fuel as it works up the engine more because of its higher rolling resistance. Also remember that the right pressure isn’t the one on the tires. That number constitutes the maximum force that they can handle. Check the car manual for the appropriate digits.
  • Regularly have your wheel realigned. Misaligned wheels cause uneven wear on the tires and age them faster which can be very costly. Driving also becomes rough and dangerous as the car could stir in a different direction, brakes won’t latch on as strongly and vibrations could be felt in the steering wheel.
  • Wash wheels and tires at least once every four weeks. That’s a month tops. This is because brake dust accumulates over time and settles on the metal. As the wheel heat up and cool off when driving, brake dust, road salt, dirt and grime can get baked into the metal thus hardening itself into the coating. Eventually, this corrodes the wheels, makes them look ugly and ages them faster.
  • Be mindful when buying cleaning and polishing products. Some products in the market may contain components that are too acidic which causes the rims to dull out in the long run after continued use. Read product reviews prior to every purchase and read up on that manual for crying out loud. Manufacturers have the do’s and don’ts in there.