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Surefire Signs of Engine Trouble

engine troubleWhen something’s wrong under the hood, it’s definitely trouble. But how do we know the difference between an engine gone haywire and our faulty assumptions? We asked the expert team at Classic Car Labs to orient us about the topic and they gave us the following telltale signs that we’ve got an engine trouble. Read up. It might just save you someday.

  • Overheating

When the engine overheats or even heats up unusually fast than it used to then pay attention. The weather is one thing but we assume that we’re all accustomed to how our cars work by now. Oftentimes, this is as simple as forgetting to add enough water or replacing the coolant. Sometimes it’s the effect of a leak or an already faulty cooling system.

  • Smoke

Regardless of color and smell, smoke is an absolute red flag to a busted engine. It can anywhere be from a clogged air filter, a malfunctioning emission system, a blown head gasket, worn valves, a cracked cylinder head, the ignition timing could be off or something is leaking. It can be one thing or many things at once but all are serious.

  • Noise

A very common issue among many car owners is the knocking sound that they hear coming from the engine. Of all the items in this list, this is perhaps the most daunting as it can be very expensive to fix and sometimes will require having to bid goodbye to the engine altogether as the camshaft is no longer working in time with the pistons.

  • Shaking

Most cars have a soft purr to them, so soft that sometimes you barely notice it when you go for a spin. So when the engine shakes violently then it’s an obvious sign that something could be wrong. Now what could it be? Many things to be honest and it can range from simple to severe. Sometimes it is as simple as having to change worn out spark plugs and cracked or loose hoses. Other times it can be much worse and a little expensive to fix such as the motor mounts, fuel intake system and the timing belt.

Engines are a huge part of our vehicles and they no doubt play an important tool when it comes to their functionality. So when something looks amiss, call in the experts or bring your machine to a shop immediately says Classic Car Labs. We ought to prevent things from getting worse.